Self Isolation Play-a-longs

Here I have posted twenty play-a-long videos for you to enjoy during lockdown. They are primarily aimed at my Coda music groups, but everyone is welcome to strum along.  If you enjoy these and want to make a small donation to the Coda Music Trust, please visit this page Coda Music Trust – Just Giving  Thanks!

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Episode 20″Burning Love”
Songsheet:Burning Love

Episode 19″Crocodile Rock”
Songsheet:Crocodile Rock

Episode 18″Happy Days”
Songsheet:Theme from Happy Days

Episode 17″Love is all around”
Songsheet:Love is all around

Episode 16″Banana Splits” (Stuart’s version)
Songsheet:Banana Splits

Episode 15″Bend me Shape me”
Songsheet:Bend Me Shape Me

Episode 14″Marguerita Time”
Songsheet:Marguerita time

Episode 13″Holiday Rock”
Songsheet:Holiday Rock

Episode 12″Bonfire Heart”
Songsheet:Bonfire Heart

Episode 11″End of the Line”
Songsheet:End of the line

Episode 10 “Sea of Heartbreak”
Songsheet:Sea of Heartbreak

Episode 9 “Hold Back the Night”
Songsheet:Hold Back the Night

Episode 8 “The Marrow Song”
Songsheet:The Marrow Song

Episode 7 “Dad’s Army”
Songsheet :Dads Army Theme

Episode 6 “Happy Together”
Songsheet :Happy Together

Episode 5 “Supergran”
Songsheet : Supergran

Episode 4 “Bare Necessities”
Songsheet : The Bare Necessities 

Episode 3 “Only Fools and Horses”
Songsheet : Only Fools and Horses

Episode 2 “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees
Songsheet : Daydream Believer

Episode 1 “Pocketful of Rainbows” from the Elvis Film G.I.Blues
Songsheet : Pocketful of Rainbows

Please ignore any advertisements – They are nothing to do with me